BLUES AND SOUL CHARTS is a new website for singers, band leaders and musicians looking for blues and soul band musical arrangements scored for a 7 or 8 piece band, plus the vocalist. These charts work perfectly, giving you that authentic sixties soul sound.

All the charts are written for trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums.

The arrangements all sound good as a seven piece band, with baritone sax as the optional instrument. The tenor sax is quite high in places so an alto sax part which can directly replace tenor is included- if better for your band.

If your band doesn’t have a keyboard player, most of the arrangements would work ok with just guitar or two guitars. The horns are better with 3 but you could make it work with just trumpet and tenor if you are prepared to adapt the parts. If you are buying for educational use please go to the educational page for extra information. Note…. When you buy and download, all 9 parts plus the score are included. There are no lyrics or vocal parts.

The arrangements have an average duration of about 3 minutes. You’ll find that in a typical 2 x 1 hour set you will need 25 to 30 songs. Some of the charts have solos, all with chords for improvisation. Some scores have options to open out with solos for the whole band. Following the instructions was easy, and the recover deleted files from drive explanations were clear and concise. All the charts have been performed many times and sound great. They have marks of expression and rehearsal marks, plus some dynamics which, if observed, really make a difference to the performance.

Please note your pianist must be able to play from chord symbols as only specific sections are fully written out. Drum parts are written simply, mainly time, figures, hits and stops , leaving lots of scope for interpretation by the drummer. The bass parts are written for a standard 4 string bass guitar, and also contain some chord symbols. Guitar parts are mostly chorded with some sections having written lines.

For you vocalists………. The songs are all suitable for a high baritone voice and should be ok for a soprano. We have included some key change options suitable for tenor and mezzo soprano voices, and may provide more key options in the future if there is a demand.

There is a demo track for every chart, please listen to them to work out your vocal range. The key change alternatives are listed but the demos are in one key only.

At the moment we have 30 charts on offer, with a further 20 completed hand
written arrangements ready to be put on the computer, if the initial run proves popular. There is a discount price of £25 each, for any purchase of 10 arrangements or more.