Study had a preliminary sexual relationship with Natasha Yar within the 2364

Study had a preliminary sexual relationship with Natasha Yar within the 2364

Tasha Yar seen one to Investigation seen the country on the inquire off a child. During their services Investigation got befriended multiple pupils. Research befriended an enthusiastic alien lady titled Sarjenka in citation of primary directive. So you’re able to decrease the damage, Picard purchased Dr. Pulaski so you’re able to delete Sarjenka’s thoughts. ( TNG : ” Pencil Company “) Investigation befriended a beneficial ten-year-dated son named Timothy immediately following Timothy is actually orphaned in the rush that lost the latest Vico. Timothy wanted to feel not able to emotion for example Data because the guy wrongfully attributed themselves into Vico’s destruction, thus the guy pretended to-be an android and you may made an effort to imitate Analysis in just about any method. ( TNG : ” Hero-worship “) Research befriended a keen alien girl entitled Gia as he shed his thoughts on Barkon IV. It friendship are the same as their relationship that have Sarjenka, simply now, it was Analysis who missing all of the thoughts of one’s relationship, as well as the kid that would bear in mind him. ( TNG : ” Thine Individual Notice “)


Just like the a keen unemotional person in the fresh new crew, and you may the leading coach to the chief, Analysis common of many similarities so you can Spock on-board the first USS Organization. Although not, where Spock usually noticed themselves to be much better than People, Studies aspired are significantly more Peoples (Research shortly after reported that which have zero attitude made your closer to Vulcans than Human beings, however, he receive the stark values as restricted). The brand new contrast between the two is immediately obvious on it when they came across to your Romulus. Spock noted that Data’s over insufficient emotion and advanced real capabilities was in fact services that Vulcans aspired, however, Study desired to be much more Peoples. Studies listed one to just like the a half-Person, Spock quit what Data had looked for their entire life from the going for the fresh Vulcan life style. ( TNG : ” Unification I “, ” Unification II “)


Analysis is set having numerous procedure and you may are “totally functional.” Analysis got an intimate experience of Natasha Yar when you look at the dictate off polywater intoxication and you will attempted a connection with Jenna D’Sora inside late 2367. ( TNG : ” The newest Nude Now “, ” The theory is that “) In the 2373, the newest Borg Queen lured him in an effort to persuade Investigation to participate the Borg’s cause. ( Superstar Trip: Earliest Contact )

Natasha Yar

Yar is at least a little drawn to Analysis together with gender that have him when you are consuming polywater intoxication. She afterwards told him your event “never took place.” ( TNG : ” The fresh Nude Today “) Study, because he’s got best recollections (he is able to think about exactly what features actually ever taken place so you can him instance it simply happened), nevertheless felt a special link with Tasha. He kept a beneficial holographic picture of Tasha to consider the girl. When Data’s rights given that a great sentient being was indeed called for the matter, his romantic stumble on having Tasha is actually a robust determine having Court Phillipa Louvois so you can laws you to definitely Research was basically a great sentient lifeform. ( TNG : ” This new Measure of One “) Los angeles Forge and you may Wesley Crusher receive brand new holoimage after they went to Data’s quarters just after his obvious death when you look at the 2366. ( TNG : ” One particular Playthings “)

Jenna D’Sora

Inside the late 2367, Lieutenant Jenna D’Sora located herself crazy about Investigation. Once she expressed their passion for him by the kissing him into the latest mouth, Data requested his loved ones having advice on what you should do, and you may chose to go after the relationship. Since he previously no real emotions otherwise emotions, Investigation composed a separate program in his sensory net to aid your through the ins and outs off like. However, as their connection with Jenna evolved, Data unearthed that for the relationship, the newest logical movement is not always the most appropriate.

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